Small Business Week Speaker!!

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I am SO excited to have been asked to speak at a Constant Contact breakfast workshop, in honor of Small Business Week.  I will be talking about how I turned my passion into a thriving business.

I can’t believe I will actually be standing in front of an audience to speak!  When I was in fifth grade, I had to stand in front of my class and give a speech about something history-related.  It was one of my least favorite subjects.  I was a nervous wreck, and my teacher, Mr. Papallardo (sp?), made it impossible for me to feel relaxed.  All I could focus on was him tapping his pencil on the table and impatiently looking at his watch.  He then completely mortified and embarrassed me by asking me if I was done yet.  That experience still sticks in my mind to this day, and it wasn’t until the past few years that I have been somewhat comfortable talking in a crowd.  Let this be a lesson for teachers — your words have a huge impact on a child’s life, and can make or break them.  Please be kind when you are crafting your words!!

G.R.O.W. in 2014 – Follow Your Passion!

Small Business Week


Generate Revenue through Opportunities and Wisdom
Constant Contact is partnering in 2014 with local organizations and experts to deliver great information about sales and marketing!

We are converting the experience and knowledge of our speakers into the wisdom of our attendees so you are better equipped to uncover opportunities that generate revenue! Are you ready to learn and then turn that knowledge into money?

Today’s event is EXTRA SPECIAL because we are celebrating Small Business Week! You’ll hear from John Dano, Mark Rothenberg, and Debbie Viola on how to leverage your passion to grow your business!
Ellen Williams from Constant Contact will be “Making the Case for Mobile” and discussing Simple Strategies for Email Marketing, followed by a short exercise on creating content that derives from the passion you bring to your organization!
Constant Contact is committed to helping you G.R.O.W. in 2014!

Join us for networking and light snacks.

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