Bloomingdale’s Hosts Opening Gallery For Debbie Viola

Bloomingdale’s Hosts Gallery Opening For Local Artist Debbie Viola

When one of the managers saw my website, Bloomingdales Furniture Gallery in Garden City, NY asked if I did abstract paintings. “I do now!!!” So, I was invited me to create 30 large abstract paintings to adorn their furniture gallery. Their thought process is more people will linger in the store if there is beautiful art on the walls. When I delivered the paintings, management was so impressed they were sorry they hadn’t asked me to do more. I took care of that, and created 15 more pieces! They hosted an art opening reception, with jazz band, wine and food and by all accounts it was a great success. Over 70 attended, designers said my work belongs in galleries out in the Hamptons, and I sold four paintings! And as you can see, Waldo Cabrera, Executive Producer of Fios 1, filmed the event for his My Long Island TV show.

Bloomingdale’s did not want any portion of any sale, so I decided to pay it forward. I am donating a huge percentage of any sales during the display to The INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) and Long Island Arts Council. I am so thrilled and honored! This is a whole new avenue for me, and I am loving every minute of creating the abstracts. Although the exhibit was scheduled to end last weekend, I’ve been informed that it will stay up through Mother’s Day, and even longer!!

And once again, I pinch myself!

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