One of my favorite places in the entire world is the beach.  I love the serenity and peacefulness.  When we’re on a family vacation, we love to go for walks at the edge of the water and explore our surroundings. My husband doesn’t care for swimming in the ocean, but I love everything about it, from the anticipation of a wave thrashing against my back, to the sound of crashing waves at the shore. Not to mention that it’s about the only outdoor relief from the heat!

When I am at home the rest of the year, I am fortunate enough to live less than ten miles away from Jones Beach State Park, which is the most popular and heavily visited beach on the East Coast, with an estimated six million visitors per year. Its boardwalk is two miles, and you can always find people walking, jogging or biking, any time of the year. When we are brave enough to leave our house in the winter, we are surprised at how much warmer it is on the beach. It’s a great way for me to bribe my husband out of the house on a frigid day!

My favorite time of the year at the beach is the spring, as depicted in this painting. We like to park in the section that leads us through this beautiful path before you get to the boardwalk. I took the photo for this painting in June. Every morning that we are there, the gardens are being well cared for. The grounds are meticulous, and so full of color. It puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day! And now I have a painting that I can look at in the middle of a snowstorm and remind me that spring will be just around the corner!