Out of respect for the people that lost their lives and the events that took place on September 11, 2001, I laid low and chose not to blog or post any paintings for the past few days.  I’ve reserved September 11 of each year as one of quiet reflection and prayer.  I start my day by watching the live broadcast from New York of all the names being read, and it doesn’t get any easier as time goes by.  I was in New York City that horrible day, and don’t think I will ever carry on as if it were just another day.  As a country, we must never, ever forget.

Back to painting …

jOEY-BEDROOM-300x225I wanted to paint something that would make me really happy today. My son is married one year on 9/13/14, and I am always happy when I look back on his wedding. I know how much my daughter-in-law loved her bouquet, and was very particular about the flowers she wanted in it. They tried preserving the bouquet, but it just didn’t last very long. So I thought it would be special if I made a painting for their first anniversary. Not a great gift for my son, but that’s ok! My daughter-in-law cried when she opened it, so I knew I did a good job! I tend to work great under pressure, and did this the day before their anniversary. To give it an extra pop, I glued on the crystals. This 10 x 16 painting was done in acrylics, with a silver/blue background, to match a wall finish I did on one of their bedroom walls (SEE BELOW).  This is a multi-layer, shimmery metallic plaster finish, with lots of silver running through.

If you, or someone you know, would treasure a painting of their bridal bouquet that will last forever, feel free to e-mail me at debbie@debbieviola.com. They would make a great wedding or anniversary present, don’t you think?!


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