I’m back!

I promised myself that I wouldn’t start blogging until I could commit to it on a regular basis. Well, we all know how life just gets in the way sometimes.

Since my last post, here on Long Island we’ve survived Hurricane Irene and an earthquake in the same week! There was a lot of devastation from the storm around us; in some local neighborhoods, there were homes that had several feet of water in the house. And others on the same block were perfectly intact. It was just so random, and inexplicable. For us, the irony is that although we were spared from the storm, our washing machine hose broke and we wound up with a flood in the basement anyway!! We just finished checking in with all the neighbors to make sure everyone was OK, and then we had to come outside running and asking for ShopVacs! And the week before Irene, my daughter’s basement flooded, and two months later, we are still helping her try to put it back together.

Needless to say, everything else had to be put on the back burner. But I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging, so here we go. One of these days I will take the time to learn how to design this better, so I can add more features, and sections to talk about things other than painting. But for now, I just want to stay in the habit of blogging!