From Laminate to Woodgrain

Faux Woodgrain Desk and Chair

The next time you think about discarding old furniture because it’s no longer the right color, remember that there are artisans like myself that can transform your dated piece into something more current that works with your style. Here is a perfect example. I recently refinished this desk and chair to match the client’s bedroom furniture.

The set fit perfectly into a nook within the client’s bedroom, so they hated to throw it away.  However, it didn’t match their new bedroom furniture at all.  Solution?  First I cleaned and primed the desk and chair.  Then, I created a custom color for the basecoat, after playing with several colors, to match the tone of the bedroom furniture.  After that dried, I put my “woodgraining” skills to the test.  The clients were very happy that they didn’t have to go out and buy new furniture.



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