I did it!!!! I made it through a whole week of creating a painting a day.  This wasn’t such an easy task — just getting back from a two-week vacation, diving back in to my decorative painting business (translation: during the day, painting clients’ homes five days a week; in the evening, catching up on e-mails, taking care of marketing and everything else associated with being an entrepreneur).  That leaves little time for the discipline of creating a painting, and even less time for writing a blog post about it!  If I was able to sit in my studio all day and work on a painting, this wouldn’t be as big a deal to me as it is.  But to not even start thinking about what my day’s creation will be until usually no earlier than 10:00 p.m. each night, I’ve impressed myself a bit.  That usually translates into blogging at about 2:00 a.m. (it’s currently 1:48 EST).  I may be even more excited about being consistent with my posts than the paintings!  Actually, I’m equally happy about both.  I was a bit nervous about publicly declaring that I joined a 30 day painting challenge.  That meant I actually had to do it!! I couldn’t slack off, or let all the other “stuff” get in my way.  I’m doing a happy dance right now; I’ll be happier when this post is published, so I can throw myself in bed, grab about 5 hours sleep, and get to my client’s house.

Today’s painting was supposed to be an American flag on a tall flagpole.  I took a photo of that image over the summer, and sketched it tonight on a 6 x 8 museum quality panel.  I started painting it, and after I laid everything in, I completely changed direction!  I felt like painting a landscape instead.  Coulda saved myself some sketching time if only I thought about that first!  I created the scene intuitively, and  I’m pleased with the results.  And at this time of the day (or should I say night?), that’s all that matters!  Enjoy!

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