ASHAROKEN KAYAKS 6 x 8 oil on wood panel


The weather here on Long Island is going to be beautiful for the next several days, so for me, it’s Back to Summer!  Not too long ago I had the great pleasure of driving to a client in the Village of Asharoken, which is located on the Long Island Sound in Northwest Suffolk County, New York. Physically, Asharoken is an isthmus connecting the Village of Northport on the ‘mainland’ of Long Island to Eaton’s Neck; much of it along the shores of the Long Island Sound. I was surprised to learn that less than 700 people reside in Asharoken, and that there are less than two square miles of land. Searching for more information, I learned that the Matinecock Indians were one of the thirteen original Native American tribes of Long Island. They were the original inhabitants of the areas now known as Asharoken and Northport. The Matinecocks called this land “Opcathontyche”, meaning “wading place creek”. Though Dutch colonists were the first to show interest, the lands were eventually sold to three Englishmen in 1656 by Chief Asharoken, head of the Matinecocks.

When I was driving back from my appointment, I came upon this tiny area of beach with a small parking lot, so I pulled in to enjoy the view and take a few photos. If these bright kayaks aren’t the epitome of summer, I don’t know what is! This is one painting I will keep prominently displayed in my studio until it is sold, so that I could just stare at it during the dreary winter months and be inspired that this too shall pass!