School Mural




I was commissioned by Maria Regina School in Seaford, NY to paint a mural that would tie in elements of their church and school. An unidentified parishioner gave my card to the pastor when he mentioned he wanted a mural in the school. I am so grateful, but would be happier if I knew who to thank.

The magnificent church structure is easily identified by its bell tower, so there was no question that it would represent the church. The buildings are not close to each other, so I took artistic license to add some greenery and put the school in the background on a hill.

It was SO much fun to be in the school all week while the children passed by and watched the progress. When I painted the figures today, there were lots of kids who were saying, wow, that looks just like me! I didn’t need my own music to listen to, because I was serenaded all week by the music class, who were practicing for the Christmas show!