Never Can Say Good-bye … to Summer

So here we are, it’s September 1st. Our local teachers went back to work today; to me, that signifies the beginning of the end … of our beloved Summer. Part of the reason I may love Summer so much is that it is such a short length of time. Why must the best weather have the least amount of calendar days here in New York?!!

I’ve been spending the Summer working on the business of my art. Locally, I have a successful decorative painting business, which means I get to create beautiful finishes on the walls of my clients’ homes and businesses. But I love creating paintings in my studio as much as I love climbing ladders and scaffolds (maybe even more!). So I have been working on ways to bring my art into the world, thanks to having the Internet at our fingertips. So my business Facebook Fan Page, Art by Debbie Viola, will begin to focus on my paintings, inspiring quotes, and things related to art. Please follow me at:

My redesigned website (it’s still is almost ready to roll out, again with a focus on my art, while still incorporating Local Decorative Painting, as I continue to serve my local audience.

Getting back to not wanting Summer to end, I think of bold, bright colors when I think of Summer. I am about to create a new collection of paintings. In fact I will be creating one a day (at least) for thirty days (or more!) and sharing them with my followers.

IMG_1490So if you see some bright, happy art populating my channels, you’ll know it’s me! Want to follow along? I hope so, because there will be giveaways and contests as time goes by and I get into my groove. My new website will let you join my e-mail list, and you’ll get special treatment there as well.

Happy Summer! (that makes me feel better than saying enjoy the last official weekend as Summer comes to its end)

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