Art Expo 2015

ARTExpo3 ARTExpoI tried SO hard not to fall off the blog wagon.  But I’ve been super duper busy this month.  In addition to working on walls in several clients’ homes, I decided to take a leap of faith in my art and exhibit at the New York Art Expo, which is the biggest art fair of the country, and in its 37th year.  I submitted photos of my work to Artisans Direct, who represents artists worldwide.  The owner called me to say he loved my work, and went through my website to choose pieces he thought would work for the show.  The final decision was mine, so I labored for days.  I kept playing with the layouts, trying to squeeze waaaaayyy too many in the wall space alotted.  I finally conceded that less is more. I am still wondering if I made the right choices.  Only time will tell.  Let me know what YOU think! #NYArtExpo