Facebook Created My Content Today! Whoo Hooo!!

Paint Palette by Debbie Viola

As I tell myself that THIS will be the year, I realize and embrace the following:

  • There are only so many hours in a day
  • I’m only human
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day
  • I  can only do what I can do

As an artist who runs a full-time decorative arts studio every day (creating faux finishes and murals in clients’ homes on Long Island and in New York City), I tend to my abstract art business in the evening (translation, wee hours of the night).  So every night I try to divide my time accordingly — spending some time with my husband, catching up on emails, posting on social media, working on blog ideas, building a following, and last, but certainly not least, actually painting.

Here’s a glimpse of what my palette looks like when I get started.  Isn’t it yummy looking?!!

Paint Palette by Debbie Viola


After the fun, then it’s naming the paintings,  documenting them, taking good photos, adding to my website, getting on social media, etc., etc.   Are you exhausted just thinking about it?

So as I was stressing that I really needed to put some content on my Facebook Business Page, Art by Debbie Viola, I was THRILLED to see that Facebook had created a slide show of all the photos of recent paintings I just completed and shot.

Most of them were done with acrylics on canvas, some gallery wrapped, some unstretched.  There are some that I created with a six inch palette knife.  I am influenced by the beautiful beaches that surround me here on Long Island (even in the winter I’m inspired!).

Thank you Facebook, for making my life easier tonight.

Enjoy!  As always, please reach out if you see something you like, or want something customized for your space.