Spring Has Sprung!

  “Spring Has Sprung”, 24 x 30, acrylics I live in New York, and the last months of winter were unbearably long!  We were inundated with snow at every turn.  It even snowed on the first day of spring!  I was so tired of looking out my window and seeing nothing but gray, dismal days. …

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Bloomingdale’s Hosts Opening Gallery For Debbie Viola

Bloomingdale’s Hosts Gallery Opening For Local Artist Debbie Viola When one of the managers saw my website, Bloomingdales Furniture Gallery in Garden City, NY asked if I did abstract paintings. “I do now!!!” So, I was invited me to create 30 large abstract paintings to adorn their furniture gallery. Their thought process is more people …

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Here’s my story

We all have stories, don’t we? Well, I thought that I should give you some insight into my story, where I came from, and how I got to where I am now. Like someone just said to me, from fingerpainting, to Bloomingdales, that’s unbelievable!! Here goes. I was always creative as a kid, and through …

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